Top 4 Best Multi-Kill Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Reviews

By | August 28, 2021

Rats and mice can carry various diseases, including LCMV, Hantavirus, leptospirosis, etc. They can chew anything like plastic, wood, and even aluminum. But the main concern is a chewed wire that can cause a serious house fire. Preventing is the best option to keep your house safe. Using Victor electronic mouse trap is one of the best options you can try in this modern age. The Victor electric rat trap is one of the most widely purchased electric rat stations that deliver optimum killing effectiveness. It is easily accessible and can be used anywhere.

The company has brought several electric mouse traps to stop the rat infestation and reduce their breeding. It is the cleverest way to keep these harmful unwanted rats out of your property. So have selected the smartest 5 vector traps to help you choose the right trap to solve the infestation quickly. Best rat poisons usually take 3-5 days to kill a rat, but an electronic mouse trap kills rat instantly.

4 Best victor electronic mouse traps comparison table

How to set Victor mousetrap?

Using a victor trap is an ideal decision to get rid of rodents in this modern era. Victor electronic rat trap comes with the advanced intelligent circuit equipment. Its Wi-Fi technology sends a notification to users when a rat gets killed. You need to download the victor pest app to get instant notifications. You need to follow 5 easy steps to get started.

  1. Install the Victor pest app
  2. Open the cover and insert 4D batteries. Then close the battery cover
  3. Set up the trap along the wall.
  4. Turn the switch on, connect the Wi-Fi, and monitor the rat’s movement from your device. It notifies you with a blinking green light when a kill is being made.
  5. Dispose of dead rodents into the garbage after receiving kill alerts on your smartphone.

How does the victor electric rat trap work?

This is an electronic machinery that emits a high-voltage shock to eliminate rats and mice humanely. Its 7000v shock kills rodents instantly when a mouse enters the tunnel. Victor’s mousetrap releases electric shock for two minutes to ensure a higher kill rate as rats can revive their heart after having a shock. Then its green light starts flashing. It indicates a rat or a mouse has been killed. Turn the trap off and dispose of the dead rodents directly into the trash.

How to connect victor smart-kill Wi-Fi, electronic rat trap with your mobile?

Connecting victor electronic mouse trap with your smart device is very easy. It uses Wi-Fi technology to send updates on rats via an app on your device instantly. So first you need to download and install the victor pest app from the Google play store. Then switch the trap on. The green light will blink three times. You need to press the WI-FI switch for 4-5 seconds. The light remains blue while connecting. Then you can manually enter a 15 digit code or scan the QR code bottom of the trap. Now your victor pest app and go to the settings menu. Press the connect button and select the Wi-Fi network. It may take 40-50 seconds to connect the device automatically.

The advantage of using Victor multi-kill electronic mouse trap

Victor’s electronic mouse trap is featuring a smart and intelligent wireless circuit sensor that can kill a mouse instantly with a 100% kill rate. A rat can’t escape from its 7000v shock. The system can eliminate rats, chipmunks, squirrels, and other rodents. Also, Victor rodent trap has the smartest indication method to notify you with LED lights. It is easy to use and bait. You can connect the trap with your smartphone via WI-FI and sends you instant notification.

This electric rat trap is safe around dogs and pets. Rodenticide, such as Tomcat rat killer or JT Eaton Blocks contain poisonous ingredients that are harmful to the environment. The electric mousetrap Victor is environment-friendly as it doesn’t contain any poisonous chemicals.

Top 4 victor electronic mouse trap reviews

An electric rat trap is very much effective in killing rats. One set of batteries is enough to eliminate rats and mice from your entire house. All our victor electric rat trap’s reviews deliver you all the information you need to purchase the right one to handle the situation. Let’s dive deep into the reviews

1. Victor M1 WI-FI electronic mouse trap pro

Victor M1 Smart-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap,Black (1 Pack)
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Nobody likes having rats in their areas. Victor m1 WI-FI mouse trap takes the top spot on our list because this product has thousands of positive reviews. It is powerful and advanced enough to kill a rodent instantly. It holds the mouse on the metal surface to prevent escape. The Victor pest app is well designed and super easy to use. After killing, it sends you a notification, indicating you need to dispose of the corpse and re-bait. The manufacturer has developed this trap with the buyer’s safety in mind. So the trap is safe for pets and kids.


  1. Its advanced sensor terminates rats with a 100% kill rate.
  2. The trap has a built-in safety button to secure kids and pets.
  3. It Sends notification on your smartphone.
  4. You have the choice to use batteries or plug it into the socket.
  5. Victor electric mouse trap requires powerful 4C batteries to release 7000v electric shock.
  6. Compatible with 2.5 GHz WI-FI router.


  1. Batteries not included
  2. You have to place the trap on a dry surface.

If I was going to buy a trap, the Victor electronic mouse trap pro would be my first choice due to its advanced notification system.

2. Victor M2 upgraded no-touch no-see indoor electronic rat trap

Victor M2 electronic mouse trap is the more humane alternative way to get rid of rats fast. The trap is easy to set and doesn’t contain any harmful poison. Its advanced intelligent sensor can detect the rodent when they enter the tunnel and emits 7000v electric shock. 4C fully charged batteries are capable of eliminating 50 rats at a time. Its beeping green LED light indicates a kill. This smart kill electronic rat trap is easy to clean and access the plate. You can receive kill alerts on your smart devices. So Victor electronic mouse trap is one of the most trusted advanced electronic rat traps available on the market in 2020.

Victor M2 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Enabled Indoor Electronic Rat Trap - 1 Trap,Black
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  1. Its powerful 7000v shock kills rats humanely.
  2. Victor trap comes with an advanced upgraded design with a smart sensor.
  3. Easy to bait and clean
  4. Monitor from anywhere via WI-FI
  5. No-see, no-touch disposal system
  6. Reusable non-toxic solution to eradicate all kinds of rodents.
  7. Advanced indication system with LED lights.


  1. Batteries not included with the product. You have to buy it separately.
  2. The trap is not water-resistant.

3. Upgraded Victor M260: DIY electric mouse trap with 12V battery

Victor m260 trap will help you to minimize the rodent infestation in a single day. This upgraded powerful 4C battery is very effective in killing all kinds of rodents. Its exclusive smart sensor system can detect and electrode mouse instantly. This is suitable to use anywhere indoors. The Victor electronic trap is well-known for its safety features. Its built-in safety switch will automatically deactivate when you open the lid to dispose of the rodent. So it is safe to place the trap around pets and kids.

You can kill more than 10 mice or rats without resetting the trap. 150 rodents can be killed with a single set of batteries. Blinking red light indicates a low battery. The trap doesn’t contain any sticky adhesive glue board. So it is an environment friendly, humane solution to keep these unwanted rats and mice out of your house.


  1. It has a no-touch no-see disposal system.
  2. It automatically deactivates all the electric functions while cleaning or disposing.
  3. You can get all the information through its blinking LED light
  4. A non-toxic rat trap that is safe for children and dogs.
  5. Each set of batteries can kill 150 rodents.
  6. You can replace the batteries.
  7. Victor m260 has a dual operation mode. You can either plug-in adaptor or use a battery to operate the trap


  1. Only for indoor use.
  2. Battery is not included with the products.

4. Victor Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap m241

Victor M241 comes with innovative technology to deliver long-lasting rat control services. The trap is less costly but very effective in performance. It can kill up to rodents on 4C batteries.  It doesn’t produce noise to distract the rats. You can reuse the trap again by replacing the battery. But you have to buy 4C batteries separately as it is not included with the product. The trap has an electrode leakage protection to keep you safe while cleaning the trap. So if you are searching for an inexpensive electric rat trap, then it would be a smart choice for you.

Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap - 1 Trap , Black
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  1. High voltage electric shock kills all kinds of rodents instantly
  2. The trap is easy to set up and operate.
  3. The Victor electric trap has a bright LED light to indicate.
  4. You can clean it without touching the rats.
  5. One set of batteries can kill 50 rats.
  6. Victor M241 electronic rat trap is inexpensive than other rat solutions.


  1. You need to follow some safety measures.
  2. The trap doesn’t support the WI-FI technology.


Tolerating mice is not something you want to do. The best way to control rodents is to reduce their population. There are many ways to kill them. But when it comes to instant killing, there are Victor rat traps for that. An effective mouse trap is the best solution to minimize their infestation. So we have not just listed out 4 top Victor electronic mouse traps, but have also provided complete reviews about them to help you find the best Electric rat trap in 2020.

FAQ related to Victor traps

How to fix Victor electronic mouse trap’s not working problem?

If you are facing this problem, check the batteries first. You might not set up the battery properly. Check the negative and positive points properly. Avoid baiting baits directly on the metal plates. If you still have any issues, you can contact their customer support. You can also follow Victor mouse trap’s setting manual for further instructions.

Can Victor electric mouse trap be used outside?

Most of the electronic rodent zappers are not suitable for outdoor use. Victor traps are also not rated for outdoor use. But Victor M241 and M260 models allow you to use it both inside and outside of the property. But I suggest you cover it with something when it is placed outside.

What is the difference between Victor M 1 and Victor M2?

Victor m2 is an upgraded version of Victor m1. So Victor m241 is more advanced and user-friendly than Victor m240 electronic rat traps. Now you know the difference between Victor m240 vs m241.

What is the Wi-Fi range of the Victor rat trap?

Try to place the trap near the router. It can track the signal easily up to 40 feet without any issue. The device is compatible with 2.4 GHz router. But you can increase the range by using a strong Wi-Fi router.

What types of battery does it require?

Victor trap settingVictor electric rat trap requires 4D/4C batteries that can emit 7000v electric shock. One single 4C battery can kill around 50-100 rats or mice. Its powerful batteries can kill rats in 5 seconds. You can replace the batteries and reuse the trap again and again.

How long the batteries will last?

Its battery can last 3-6 months, according to the customer reviews. The battery life depends on how many rats you killed at that time. Victor electronic rat trap flashing red light indicates a low battery. Make sure there is no water around the trap which may cause the battery to drain rapidly.

Can Victor electronic mouse trap be used in all weather conditions?

The answer is affirmative. You can use the trap in every temperature. You can place it the trap in extreme weather conditions.

Using Victor electric mouse trap is a revolutionary method of killing rats in a humane way. It is the best electric rat trap you have ever used in your life.

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