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Mouse Trap VS poison: Which One Is Safe Option in 2021?

Now you are confused about what to buy- a Mouse Trap or poison. House owners often brought this question up. If you use traps, you will need to dispose of the body manually. Again, rat poison can be dangerous for other wildlife. They often destroy our various important stuff such as clothes, paper, furniture, etc.… Read More »

What is the best rat cage for 2 rats in 2021?

Are you looking for a rat cage? Two rats means you will need a medium size cage so that they can climb, play, and rest. Rats are wonderful pets. So it is recommended to provide them a safe and comfortable shelter. There are a variety of rat cage available. But you need a cage that… Read More »

Reviews of 5 best electric traps for rats

Winter season is arriving and it is time when rats and mice will try to find shelter in your property. Spotting the signs of a rat infestation, and then using the best electric rat traps can prevent their infestation to keep you safe from greater damage. Early action against the mouse is the most effective… Read More »

6 best selling outdoor commercial mouse bait stations for rats

More than 40 different diseases can be transmitted by rats and mice that cause serious health threats. Set up commercial mouse bait stations is essential to stay 100% safe and diseases free. Using rat bait station is pet-friendly and easy to use. A combination of rat poison and bait station increases the effectiveness and safety… Read More »

5 Best Humane Mouse Trap Diy- Best Mouse Traps for Home

If you believe rats should not be killed but released far away from your property, then you should use a Humane Mouse Trap DIY. You can find various kinds of rat poisons and mouse glue mouse traps available on the market. But these are not an environment-friendly solution to eradicate rats. Most of these are… Read More »

Top 4 Best Multi-Kill Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Reviews

Rats and mice can carry various diseases, including LCMV, Hantavirus, leptospirosis, etc. They can chew anything like plastic, wood, and even aluminum. But the main concern is a chewed wire that can cause a serious house fire. Preventing is the best option to keep your house safe. Using Victor electronic mouse trap is one of… Read More »

Top 3 Best rat zapper reviews with full set up guide

If you have a problem with rats, it is compulsory for you to keep your home safe. Rodents can cause noteworthy damage to your property and carry various diseases. So you need to stop their population in your house as soon as possible. You can try different ways to stop the infestation. There are a… Read More »